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Slovenian Government declare country free of Covid-19 pandemic

The Slovenian government has declared the end of the coronavirus pandemic, becoming the first country in Europe to do so after authorities confirmed less than seven new coronavirus cases each day for the past two weeks.

People now arriving in Slovenia from other European Union states will no longer be obliged to go into quarantine for at least seven days as was the case from early April, the government said in a statement, but a quarantine of at least 14 days will remain in place for people from non-EU states, except for some exemptions including diplomats and people transporting cargo. 

As for foreign citizens who show signs of coronavirus infection, they will not be allowed to enter the country.

Citizens will still have to follow basic rules to prevent a possible spread of infection, the government said without elaborating.

They are also required to wear masks in indoor public spaces, stand at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) apart, and disinfect hands upon entering public spaces.

“Slovenia has tamed the epidemic over the past two months… Today Slovenia has the best epidemiological picture in Europe,” Prime Minister Janez Jansa told parliament in a remote session late Thursday.

According to the prime minister, the end of epidemic means some measures, including financial aid to citizens and firms hit by the coronavirus, will expire at the end of May.

The country of two million people, which borders Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, has so far reported 1,464 coronavirus cases and 103 deaths. with 267 recoveries. 

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