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The name Riley Roberts is widely recognized in the fields of web development, acting,┬áThe fact that he’s friends with the famous congresswoman Alexandria Cortez has boosted his profile significantly. To date, he has amassed a fortune of almost $2 million.

Riley Roberts Early Years

Riley was born in the United States in the year 1988. He finished both his elementary and secondary education at State Chaparral High School.

He studied at Boston University, where he earned degrees in management, administration, and sociology. He participated in a wide range of activities while a student at the university, being known as an authority in his profession.

He initially met Alexandria Cortez during this time, and the two of them soon started dating.

In his line of work, Roberts is a web developer as well as an online entrepreneur. He has a successful web business. He started out as a growth consultant in web development after graduating from college.

Since that time, he has developed into a prosperous internet businessman with a lot of well-known customers. He is a specialist at assisting start-ups with the usage of Facebook advertisements to grow their businesses.

Additionally, he is adept at helping companies improve the user design experience of their websites.

Riley Roberts is the owner of a transformation channel and a website that promotes his business; both of these services are provided by Digital Marketer in advance online local area in order to computerize showcasing his skills.

Long-term, the majority of his work has been with freshly founded businesses, which he helps through the many stages of the shift to online media.

Roberts’ work focuses mostly on assisting established businesses in growing their clientele, revenue, and customer bases. He has helped more than 50 new businesses during the course of his career by supporting them in improving their presentation pages, computerized marketing tactics, and customer experience techniques.

He is constantly thinking about his clients’ and consumers’ best interests. Additionally, he delivered a Ted Talk, although there are no videos of it online.

Riley Roberts Net Worth

Riley Roberts is estimated to have a magnificent $1.5 million in net worth. Since he finished his undergraduate studies and started working in the sectors of web development and digital marketing, he has been making a lot of money.

His bottom line has improved as the years have passed. Robert’s net worth has drawn attention due to the recent popularity of his engagement to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

It was estimated to be worth $1.5 million in 2022 by a number of sources, and there is little doubt that the next evaluation will move the Boston University alumnus up the financial ladder.

Riley Roberts Personal Life

Even though they haven’t gotten married yet, he is dating Alexandria Cortex, who is the leader of the Congress. When they were both undergraduates at Boston University, they met for the first time.

They both keep their relationship quiet and only see each other in public a few times a year. On the other hand, he does help her with a number of things.

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Aside from that, there is nothing else that can be found about his relationships or activities outside of school.

They also worked together on the Netflix documentary “Knock Down the House,” which told the story of Alexandria’s rise to prominence in American politics and was made in partnership with Netflix.

The movie won a number of awards, and it was praised for giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how politics work in the United States.

Throughout the movie, Roberts was shown to be a sympathetic and helpful figure in Alexandria’s tumultuous political life.

They saved a French bulldog, which they named Deco. A French bulldog is the type of dog. Besides that, he doesn’t talk about his personal life and stays away from scandals and rumors.

Riley Roberts Net Worth

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