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Nilda Lavoe died in 2002 after she fell out of a window in her apartment. She was 52 years old when she died. Lavoe was married to famous salsa singer Hector Levoe, and her full maiden name was Nilda Puchi Roman Perez.

Nilda Lavoe, more commonly known as Puchi Lavoe, was working on voice-over recordings for a movie about her deceased husband Hector Lavoe’s life prior to her death. Before the film, which was titled “El Cantante,” was completed, Nilda Lavoe accidentally fell backward out of a 14th story window to her death. Her official cause of death was ruled as severe head trauma due to the fall. Actress Jennifer Lopez had been working with her on getting her story for the film, and many of these recordings ended up in the final cut of “El Cantante.

nilda roman perez cause of death
nilda roman perez cause of death

El Cantante presented Hector Lavoe’s life from the perspective of Nilda Lavoe. Hector Lavoe was one of the most well-known singers in the salsa community, and his relationship with Nilda Lavoe was featured extensively throughout the movie.

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Years before her own untimely death, Nilda Lavoe experienced the tragic death of her husband, who passed away due to complications from AIDS.

The famed singer Hector Lavoe left his wife, Nilda Puchi Lavoe, all alone when he passed away in 1993. His wife stayed a single widow for so many years until she also passed away in 2002.

Hector Lavoe, who survived even after attempting suicide attempt died in June 1993 because of AIDS. But do you know how his wife died? Well, on today’s topic, we will let you know the cause of Nilda Puchi Lavoe’s death. Also, know if the couple shared any children together or not.

nilda roman perez cause of death
nilda roman perez cause of death

Hector Lavoe’s Wife Nilda Puchi Lavoe’s Cause Of Death

Nilda Lavoe was in the process of filming the biographical documentary of her late husband when she passed away. She was reportedly working on voice recording for a movie about her deceased husband, Hector. 

In 2002, Nilda also breathed her last breath when she slipped and fell from a 14th-story window and dropped to death. As per reports, her official cause of death was severe head trauma due to the fall.

She died before the final cut of the documentary “EI Cantante.” The documentary shows the life of singer Hector from the view of his wife, Nilda Lavoe. Through the documentary, Hector’s professional life and his relationship with Nilda were featured.

nilda roman perez cause of death
nilda roman perez cause of death

Did They Share Any Children?

Well, talking about their children, the late couple shared a son together named Hector Jr. He was born on September 25, 1969; however, their son died before both of them. In fact, it is said that his own friend killed him.

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While some of the sources claim that it was an accident as his friend had a loaded gun and mistakenly, the gun misfired, killing Lavoe Jr. . To this day, the fact of his death has not been proven properly yet. The gunshot is taken by some as a thought-out attempt to murder Lavoe. 

How Did Hector Die?

The late singer passed away on June 29, 1993, at Saint Clare’s Hospital due to complications from AIDS. Lavoe was 46 years old at the time of his death. The news made headlines instantly, and it devasted many people worldwide.

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