Microsoft Edge And Google Chrome Which is the Best ?

You’ve been one of those people wondering and asking between Microsoft Edge And Google Chrome Which is the Best, in this article we’ll be answering that.

Table of contents

1. Between Chrome And Edge, Who has the best performance and speed ?
2. Who has More Privacy ?
3. Between Chrome and Edge Whose features are More ?
4. Is Edge after than Google Chrome ?
5. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Who has the best Interface ?


Both Microsoft Edge and Chrome, have been competing for supremacy for a long time now, Microsoft Edge’s update has been a regular thing right from the day the browser was developed. However, it couldn’t be denied that chrome has been the most used browser among internet users, which makes it well-known worldwide, Microsoft Edge is now near to overtaking chrome, On the other hand, Google Chrome comes with a lot of chrome related products, with this it so easy for users, to move from one app and device to another. But sadly both the chrome and Edge browsers lack the capacity of providing their users with full levels of internet privacy.
The question here is: can the Microsft Edge browser be better than the google chrome browser? Below I will highlight some comparisons between both browsers, in terms of Friendly environmental interface, performance and speed, Security, and Privacy.

1. Between Chrome And Edge, Who has the best performance and speed ?

Both chrome and Edge has the same functions and system, but in terms of performance and speeds they vary, In a situation where you have multiple amounts tabs been opened, with this Microsoft edge is just a little bit faster than google chrome, running Operations in the opened tabs may include HTML 5 and javascript. But if you want to spot their real differences, you will have to take a glance at both browsers’ performance (resources consumption). So invariably, any application, operating or even a program that is fast, even when loading a web page, loads it fully without lagging, then that application is likely to be consuming a lot of resources. resources here might mean your device RAM.

While undergoing benchmarks tests on both browsers, it could be seen that Microsoft edge does consume around 70% fewer resources, compared to google chrome, However on optimal performance, the Microsoft Edge browser, operates for 650MB, compared to google chrome makes use of 1.3GB for a similar operation, Microsoft edge will process for 650MB.

However, in the long run, Google chrome users might experience a downfall or decrease in speed, with their systems, it is because of the high resources chrome consumes. Due to the system memory are been blocked, which ignites a chain reaction, causing the browser to hang and crash. So invariably Microsoft browser is more efficient and reliable than the google chrome browser, In terms of comparison of CPU memory.

2. Who has More Privacy ?

This is one controversial topic when it comes to comparing which browser has the best privacy for its users, As leading browsers, today, makes use of their user’s data, This has made it easy for marketers to evolve with new ways of tracking you, OK, Let me explain this, for instance, you are, planning on getting a new shoe for your birthday, then you open your browser and visit an e-commerce store and search for a shoe, You will notice that after some while, You will be seeing tons .of ads regarding the shoe you searched for, everywhere you access on your browser. including your social media newsfeed.

This is exactly what I meant by users’ data privacy.
So Microsoft’s policies on users’ data are very complicated to understand, combined with a great extent of arranged Microsoft products, it could get confusing. However, the Microsoft Edge browser has 3-levels of blocking any form of the tracker, which seems to do a perfect job.
It couldn’t be denied that Google makes money from selling their user’s data, You would be faced with complications, when trying to block third-party cookies, Ironically, this I the reason behind better search results and recommendations. Google watches your online behavior back to back. and displays a more customized web page to you.

In conclusion, in terms of dealing with users’ privacy, neither google chrome nor Microsoft Edge are reliable and can be trusted, Because they both share their user’s data.

3. Between Chrome and Edge Whose features are More ?

In terms of grouping and arranging webpages according to their various types and launching them, in the potion where you left them, then Microsoft edge has a clean and efficient system for doing so. User can save their passwords, install varieties of extensions that enhance security, Also does Microsoft edge grant its users the ability to install extensions from third-party stores.

Another commercial spot for the browser is that it has a text to speech feature, which can read out web pages to its users and visitors, Which aids users in having complications while reading. There is another feature called Microsoft Editor, This features eradicate the need to install any external app, for writing-related purpose.

However google chrome also has a ton of features on its panel most of these features include google related features such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Contacts, Gmail e.t.c, majority of these apps I highlighted can be synced with each other across devices.

This is the reason why Google chrome is leading in the browsers commercial market globally, This browser also has an endless list of extensions and is one of the softest malware-free ones.
In terms of syncing, Edge can’t compete with chrome, while Microsoft Edge allows users to bookmark and syncs tabs, with this they are still in their early stage of development, however, Google Chrome has grown to the extent of having an app of the browser on Andriod, Ios, Windows, and mobile devices.

So in this section google chrome is the best in terms of having more features.

4. Is Edge after than Google Chrome ?

I haven’t still come across that browser that has higher security than chrome, Google chrome normally alert its users when they are about to access a harmful site or even download a harmful file, When this browser does is that it normally urges its, users, to safety, instead of having their device been compromised, and also google frequently release an update of the Chrome browser with an interval of days. This browser is capable of tackling any security breach or challenges.

When it comes to the browser’s security part, Microsoft Edge takes this part seriously, The browser comes with a smart screen tool, that protects, its users from harmful files or extensions. So when it comes to online security, many internet users do opt-in for Google chrome, rather than Microsoft Edge.

5. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Who has the best Interface ?

We have compared the browser’s speed and performance, privacy, features, security now are moving to the last part of this article, which is the user interfaces.
The user interface is one of the finest factors that describes a good browser, When a browser user’s interface is poor, not attractive, or not easy to navigate, will cause even the perfectly customized features to click. Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer customization. Both users can customize things on their browser such as colors, themes, Wallpaper.

The two browsers are environmentally friendly, having all their icons and tools neatly arranged, If you are thinking of changing your browser from edge to chrome or vice versa, because of its appearance, it won’t make any difference.

For instance, both browsers have an identical search bar, arrowheads, icons. so there is no difference in the browser’s appearance. But where there is a minimal difference is at the search engine bar, While Google chrome makes use of Google, Microsoft Edge makes use of Bing.

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