Mercedes Ramirez Biography, Age, Career and Family

Mercedes Ramirez Biography

You’ve been searching for information regarding Mercedes Ramirez, a Uruguayan writer who lived between 1927 to 2013, feel free to read carefully through this article.

Mercedes Ramirez is a Uruguayan writer who was born on 22nd of June 1927 and died June 7th 2013 at the age of 86 years, she died peacefully in a hospital bed with her family members right beside her.

Mercedes was buried in Mount Camel Cemetery in Texas, same place her husband Julian Tapia Ramirez was buried.

Mercedes Ramirez Wiki

Name: Mercedes
Surnames: Ramirez
Sex: Woman
name variants: Mercedes Ramírez de Rossiello, Mercedes Ramírez Codecido de Rossiello
Date of Birth: 6/22/1927
Place of birth: Monteideo, Uruguay
Death date: 7/6/2013
Authorial discipline: Writing (Arts and Humanities, Literary Criticism)

Mercedes Ramirez Career

Mercedes Ramirez was a very prolific writer in literature, arts, humanities, literary criticism and other educational publications.

Mercedes Ramirez Family

Mercedes Ramirez was married to Julian Tapia Ramirez, she gave birth to Ricardo Leyva Munoz Ramirez in 1960, who died in jail on the 7th of January 2013 few months before Mercedes Ramirez passed on.

More Information about Mercedes Ramirez

In 1995, Mercedes Ramirez Johnson narrowly survived a commercial airplane crash that killed 160 people, including her parents. As one of only four survivors of this tragedy, she vowed that she would make her second chance at life count and that she has – not only for herself, but also for the tens of thousands of people who have heard her story and her message.

Transformational, passionate, inspiring and genuine. That is how clients and audiences described Mercedes and her programs. Many speakers who have overcome great adversity are deeply inspiring, but rarely offer their audiences more than momentary motivation. Content-driven presenters provide practical advice, but are often short on inspiration. Mercedes offers both. Weaving workable solutions throughout an emotionally compelling story, she touches people’s hearts and minds. Her proprietary Second Chance Living concept, an innovative mindset and approach with a proven track record, offers participants a blueprint for change along with specific tools they can use immediately in their professional and personal endeavors. In addition, her message that experience is no guarantee is having a tangible and powerful impact on safety initiatives and programs across the country.

Mercedes presents to companies, associations, faith-based organizations, government agencies and higher education institutions across the U.S. and Canada. Her clients include some of America’s most respected organizations, such as General Electric, Verizon, PricewaterhouseCoopers, NASA, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and numerous higher education institutions and faith based organizations.

Before becoming a speaker, Mercedes spent nearly a decade in high-level sales in the pharmaceutical and medical software industries. A record-breaking, multimillion-dollar producer, she became the youngest female and sole Latino account executive at Cerner Corporation. As a result, she understands the challenges and opportunities today’s professionals face and has both the capability and the credibility to cross professional, generational, gender and ethnic gaps to connect with people from all backgrounds and levels.

Mercedes and her story have been the subject of considerable national and international media coverage. Her extensive media experience includes appearances on ABC’s PrimeTime, The BBC, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Health Channel and as a recurring guest on nationally syndicated daytime television talk shows. In addition, numerous national magazines and major-market newspapers have run cover stories and special-interest pieces about her.

Mercedes has received national awards for her work, influence and dedication to improving the lives of others. She was recognized as one of the country’s top. Hispanic up-and-comers by People Magazine’s Spanish edition, People en Espanol. INROADS, Inc., an international organization dedicated to developing talented minority youth, voted her Alumni of the Year. In addition, she was honored as Volunteer of the Year for Christ Haven for Children, a home for neglected children in Texas. In memory of her parents, she established a scholarship for minority students at Northwest Missouri State University, where she actively served as an Executive Member of the university’s Foundation Board.

Mercedes and her children resided in the Dallas, Texas and were dedicated to philanthropic support for the National MPS Society — an organization that provides research grants and support to families living with terminally ill children. She also hosts numerous fundraisers for Make-A-Wish North Texas and has proudly served on their regional leadership council for years

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