Kennedy Lynette – Who is she?

Rumours have been circulating online that Kennedy Lynette, apparently the mother of three of rapper Moneybagg Yo’s children, has died –what do we know about her, and what evidence is there that supports the claims?

Who is Kennedy Lynette?

Kennedy Lynette, whose government name appears to be Shanina Lynette, is the mother of three of American rapper Moneybagg Yo’s children.

Full name DeMario DeWayne White Jr, Moneybagg Yo has eight children in total. He shares them with four women: Chyna Santana, a woman whom The US Sun reports goes by @iamheroine10 on Instagram, Whitney White (aka Juicy Baby on social media), and Shanina “Kennedy” Lynette.

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People commenting on a Bee With The Tea YouTube video upload about Kennedy Lynette’s rumoured death have claimed that Shanina is Moneybagg Yo’s “first baby mama”. In other words, she was the first woman with whom he had kids.

Others write that they had three children together, two girls and one boy. DeMario
told Shade 45 in 2017 that he had “two or three children” (reports The US Sun) by the time he was in 12th grade in high school.

If true, this means Moneybagg Yo and Kennedy Lynette knew each other as teenagers, and had kids while still in high school.

Among the first to report on Kennedy Lynette’s rumoured death was entertainment website The Neighbourhood Talk, via Instagram .

The aforementioned YouTuber Bee With The Tea reported on it around the same time.

The Neighbourhood Talk wrote on Thursday, 28 April 2022 (see below) that “one of Moneybagg Yo’s baby mothers has reportedly passed away”.
The post includes a screenshot of a Facebook post by Jessica Summers, whom Bee With The Tea describes as a “friend” of Kennedy Lynette’s.
“I’m so sick”, the post reads. “I was just on the phone with you my sister. Why you had to do me like that? Kennedy Lynette why you leave me?”

However, in lieu of official confirmation, rumours of Kennedy Lynette’s death are just that: rumours.

Who are the mothers of Moneybagg Yo’s other five children?

In the wake of reports on the rumoured death of Moneybagg Yo’s baby mother Kennedy Lynette, similar stories have emerged about the rumoured death of Chyna Santana.

However, there is even less evidence that these are true.
Born 27 October 1992, Chyna – aka Shana Ward – is, like her baby father DeMario DeWayne White Jr, a Memphis native. She is a mother of two .

A 2020 thread on gossip forum LipStick Alley contains claims that Moneybagg Yo has actually had kids with five women , among them Whitney White, Shana Ward.

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