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A young, unassuming Nigerian billionaire by the name of Joseph Ezeokafor, commonly known as Jowizaza, is the inheritor of a $1 billion oil corporation. While some of you may have heard of him, the vast majority of you will benefit from knowing the details of the young billionaire Jowizaza’s biography and luxurious lifestyle.

Joseph Eze Okafor, also known as Jowi Zaza, was born on March 19, 1985; as of 2021, he will be 36 years old. Before continuing his secondary school at Sacred Heart Seminary Nsude in Enugu State, he completed his undergraduate studies at Madonna University Okija.

Prior to enrolling in Pittsburg State University’s Kelce College of Business, he finished his graduate studies at The Coventry University London in the United Kingdom.


He attended the most demanding schools in Nigeria to gain discipline and an appreciation for labor-intensive tasks.

As a result of this style of study, he eventually obtained good grades, which allowed him to enroll in London’s highly coveted Coventry University. He developed and established his business acumen here.

Being the son of a successful businessman, you may expect him to be his father’s apprentice, but in this rapidly changing world, apprenticeship is obviously insufficient.

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The virtue of working hard and accruing riches was instilled in him by his father, but he also learned about the silent, unspoken rules of business through his additional education. After completing his education, he joined his father in running Jezco Oil, the business that generates all of their incredible riches.

Personal Life

Joseph Eze Okafor: A business mogul from Anambra, Joseph Eze Okafor Snr. is the father of Jowi Zaza and the founder of Jezco Oil.

Jowizaza, a Nigerian businesswoman and socialite, is a direct descendant of Chief Joseph EzeOkafor Snr., who founded Jezco Oil.

Jezco Oil Nigeria Limited has previously received praise from Mitsubishi Motors for its Jezco Rosy special lubricants. He is said to be the owner of a factory that makes fuel dispensers.

Chief Joseph Okafor is currently worth $2 billion. He has five daughters and two boys, which is a blessing. The outgoing boss has been replaced by Jowizazaa, the new Managing Director of Jezco Oil.

His father founded the well-known oil and gas business Jezco Oil and Jezco Lubricants in the 1970s. The company currently operates petrol stations and stores all around the country.


One of the fastest ways to become wealthy is in the oil and gas industry. Jowi Zaza, the CEO of Jezco Oil and Lubricants, has amassed a net worth of $74.6 million over the course of his career.

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