Frances Cain Biography, Husband, Age and Family

Frances Cain Biography

Most celebrities rise to fame due to their correlation with other notable celebrities. For Frances Cain, it is as a result of her life-long marriage to car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson.

You might find him familiar as the long-running host of UK’s Top Gear and The Grand Tour. What you might not know is that Jeremy owes all his success to his ex-wife, who pulled most of his strings behind closed doors.

Funnily enough, there hasn’t been a lot of information on Jeremy Clarkson’s ex-wife up until now. That said, here’s the untold story of Frances Cain, including her biography, marriage, divorce most importantly, her new boyfriend.

Throughout her whole life, she’s managed to fly under the radar, despite being married to quite a prominent figure in television. Her age, parents, and most of the details regarding her childhood education remain unknown.

However, it’s quite likely that she grew up in her mother’s care, seeing her father was out fighting wars. Robert Henry Cain served his country in the Second World War and received the Victoria Cross For Valour.

Funnily enough, Frances was unaware of this achievement up until the year 2006 when her husband presented a BBC documentary on the same. Upon retirement, the war veteran settled with his family in the Isle of Man, where he died in 1974 of cancer.

Frances Cain

Jeremy Clarkson’s Ex-wife, Frances Cain
Frances Cain’s Married Life as Jeremy Clarkson’s Wife.

Frances Cain met her husband, Jeremy Clarkson, back when his career was just about to take shape. The hot-rod enthusiast was previously married to his first wife, Alexandra James. However, she left him for his best friend, barely a year into their marriage.

Cain worked for Clarkson as his manager, and it was during this time that they interacted. With time, love blossomed and led up to his second marriage in Fulham, the year 1993. The honeymoon phase was quite long as all was well in Clarksville.

Their marriage gave forth three children, namely Emily, Katya, and Finlo Clarkson. By the time trouble came knocking on their matrimonial doors, the couple had already spent 27 years and ten months as husband and wife. That said, here’s everything that went wrong leading up to their divorce.

The Real Reason Jeremy and Ex-Wife Frances Cain’s Divorce.

After Clarkson’s first failed marriage and the hurt that followed, he was never the same. There were several cheating allegations that cropped up during his marriage to Frances Cain.

For starters, controversial news broke out that he was still seeing his ex-wife, Alexandra James .
Upon leaving Clarkson for his best friend, Stephen Hall, James realized the mistake she had made and embarked on a seven-year-long affair with Jeremy. Being a public figure, he filed an injunction to bind her from being too candid about their cheating spree.

Other notable mentions Clarkson had brief flings with include Elaine Bedell, a reputable English journalist, and producer. Their affair was dated back in the year 2002.

About a decade later, Jeremy was rumored to have a fling with events planner Philippa Sage. While this was happening in 2011, Frances Cain was already estranged from her husband.

By 2014, the once formidable couple ended their marriage in a nasty split. According to online reports , the divorce settlement alone would have him cough up more than €10 million. This was also seconded by Clarkson’s first wife, Alexandra James, who iterated on how much effort she put into building his brand.

“Jeremy is the frontman and behind the scenes she was the swan paddling frantically under the surface. She deserves every penny she since she worked for it .”

Frances Cain’s new boyfriend.

Where is she now?
Last year, the mother of three was spotted in Barbados enjoying the summer holiday with some guy. From what it seemed, the pair seemed to be embroiled in an almost love affair. However, details as to whether he’s her new man have not yet been confirmed.

On the other hand, Jeremy Clarkson has also moved on post-divorce with his new girlfriend, Lisa Hogan. Whether or not his new relationship will lead up to a third marriage is one for the tabloids—Check-in with us for future updates on this.

Frances Cain Social Media Profile

Unlike her former husband, Frances Cain is estranged from social media. Aside from her dormant Facebook account , her presence in social media is pretty much non-existent.

However, her children are quite the opposite, especially her eldest daughter, Emily. She’s mostly writer, runner, and ambassador of bodily self-love on her Instagram handle .

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