Eric Thomas net worth, Wiki, Early Life, Career

Eric Thomas’ net worth was approximately $5 Million as of October 2022.

American author, preacher, and motivational speaker Eric D. Thomas hails from Chicago. Thomas is most known for his YouTube channel and has been dubbed the “hip-hop pastor.”

He has inspried many people with his work as a motivational speaker and author, and he is very dedicated to his video.

Early Life

On September 3, 1970, in Chicago, Eric Thomas was born.

Thomas was raised on the streets of Detroit for two years after dropping out of high school and being born to a single, young mother. He met a preacher while he was homeless, who encouraged him to return to high school and ultimately improve lives.

Thomas completed his undergraduate studies at Oakwood over the course of twelve years, earning his degree in 2001. Later, he gave sermons and established a youth-helping program.


In 2003, Eric Thomas accepted a position with Michigan State University (MSU). Thomas accepted the position and the fellowship to pursue his master’s in K–12 Administration with a concentration in Educational Leadership at MSU.

Thomas started creating a program to help high-risk minority students stay in their undergraduate programs. He wanted to share his wisdom with those who were going through difficult circumstances, just as he had as a homeless kid living on the streets of Detroit.

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In 2005, he graduated from MSU with a master’s degree, and in 2015, he earned a PhD in educational administration. As a preacher and motivational speaker, Thomas was now well-known. He established a business to provide executive coaching, consulting, and sports development for education.

Thomas has since made appearances on the songs “Intro” from Disclosure’s first album from 2013 and “Wins and Losses” from rapper Meek Mill’s album of the same name from 2017.

Eric Thomas’ net worth was approximately $5 Million as of October 2022.

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