Eloswag BBNaija Biography, Age, Family, Career Net Worth and music

Eloswag BBNaija Biography, Age, Real Name, Movies, Pictures, State Of Origin, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Music, Videos, Social Media

Eloswag BBNaija

Full Biography of Eloka Paul Nwamu (Eloswag 2022 BBNaija Season 7 Level Up Housemate) Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Girlfriend, Wife

Biography of Eloswag – Who Is Eloswag?

Eloka Paul Nwamu (born June 24, 1995), better known by his stage as Eloswag, is a Nigerian singer, digital marketer, content creator, dance artiste, entrepreneur, and Big Brother Naija 2022 Season 7 ‘Level Up’ housemate.

As of 2022, he is predicted to have a net worth of $70,000, which converts to almost 42,000,000, Naira.

Eloka Nwamu is Eloswag’s actual name. Eloka Paul Nwamu is his full name. On June 24, 1995, he entered the world to the joy of his Christian Delta Igbo tribe parents. Both Mr. Nwamu and Mrs. Nwamu are natives of Nigeria’s Delta State. Eloswag has relatives twice removed.

Eloswag is available and eager to start a relationship with a lovely lady. But there can be no love at first sight in his book. Eloka Paul Nwamu, well known by his stage as Eloswag (sometimes spelled “Eloswager”), is a dancer, an artist, an entertainer, and a housemate in the seventh season of Big Brother 2022.

Eloswag Bbnaija Biography, Net worth, Cars, Social Media

Eloka Paul Nwamu (Eloswag) Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Stage Name: Eloswag

Nickname: Eloswager

Real Name: Eloka Nwamu

Full Name: Eloka Paul Nwamu

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Delta State

Hometown: Asaba

Tribe: Anioma (Delta Igbo)

Religion: Christian

Height: 5″7 Feet tall

Date of Birth: 24 June 1995

Age: 27 Years Old (2022)

Occupation Career: Content Creator, DJ, Dance Artist, Videographer, Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $70,000 US Dollars

Net Worth in Naira: ₦42,000,000 Million Naira

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: No

Wife: Not Married

Girlfriend: Dating

Children, Child: None

Parents: Mr and Mrs Nwamu

Instagram: eloswager

Twitter: ELOSWAG @Eloswager

YouTube: Eloswag

Education: Wisconsin International University College Ghana (Computer Science)

BBNaija: EloSwag emerges as the first head of house in the BBNaija season 7 Level Up edition

Biography Wikipedia:

Eloka, better known as Eloswag Paul Nwamu, is a dancer, musician, content creator, and reality TV star from Nigeria who is currently competing in the seventh season of the ‘Level Up’ edition of Big Brother Naija.

What Does Eloswag Do for A Living?

Eloswag is a popular YouTuber who works as a dancer, filmmaker, and business owner specializing in footwear. Big Brother Naija () season 7 houseguest Eloka Paul Nwamu, alias Eloswag BBN, is a dancer, musician, video editor, and DJ from Nigeria.

“I’m the next big thing out of Naija, and I auditioned to make the House freaking fantastic,” are the confident words of Eloswag, a 27-year-old digital marketer and content creator from Lagos.

Eloswag thinks women find him attractive because he is charismatic, self-assured, and talented. His mother is his idol. He laughs and continues, “The girls all adore me because I’m such a lovely man.”

Since Eloswag has already been “given his breakfast” a few times, he is now single and has no immediate plans to get booed up. Besides, in my opinion, financial stability is essential for a healthy partnership.

He constantly looks for new experiences; thus, he feels Big Brother Naija is his show. I am interested in making new connections and having a good time. He adds, “I believe this platform was meant to promote the kids and the selected candidates, and I think I’d suit the position wonderfully.”

Eloka Paul Nwamu "Eloswag" Big Brother Naija 2022 Housemate Biography - Latest Big Brother Naija News And Updates 2022

Eloswag Songs, Music:

List of Eloswag Songs are,

Djlyprod feat Dj Swag – Why Are You Running (afrobeat dance mix)

DJ SWAG X TRIGBEATZ – One Africa(AfroDance Mix Beat Instrumental)

Eloswag – Gbomi

Eloswag – Abena (prod by Trigbeatz)

Eloswag – Say I Do (prod by Trigbeatz)

Eloswag – Crush

Eloswag – Don’t Break My Heart {prod Trigbeat}

Eloswag – Sade {prod Trigbeat}

Eloswag – Pamurageji(Freestyle Prod by Trigbeatz)

Eloswag – Finally (prod by Lamar)

Eloswag Award:

Campus Base TV has nominated Eloswag for the 2019 Cbaze awards as Best Student DJ.

Learn more about Eloswag BBN 2022, a housemate and competitor in the upcoming seventh season of Big Brother Naija, titled “Level Up.”

In Season 7, Eloswag is the fourteenth contestant. He’s a dancer, a performer who brings the heat.

“Eloswag: First Diary Session” “Level 1 roommates keep their names hidden but are optimistic that this may be their opportunity to shine. The women on the second tier of the dorm are bubbly and boisterous but adorable. “I do not want to impose restrictions in the home as HOH. I am taking it as a loving father since I never had it” “My mom and I conducted a cashew business together; maybe that’s what helped me.” – Eloswag.

After winning the seventh season’s first Head of House competition, Eloswag became the season’s first HOH. While in charge, he attempted to bring the roommates together.


Who Did Eloswag Kiss?

Big Brother’s Big Night fans were buzzing about the kiss between Eloswag and Phyna during the first Big Brother season 7 Saturday night party. Phyna told Amaka with glee about her first kiss with Eloswag.:

Meet Eloswag – BBNaija | Big Brother: Level Up | Africa Magic - YouTube

Eloswag Relationship:

Eloswag and Chomzy:

The relationship between Eloswag and Chomzy is quite tight. However, after kissing Phyna, Chomzy became concerned. Here’s how Eloswag and Chomzy got to talking…

Eloswag: I like you, and I’ve told you that, but ever since the party on Saturday night, you’ve been giving me attitude.

After kissing and exchanging saliva with Phyna at the party and expecting me to be delighted, Chomzy said, “What do you want me to say?”

Eloswag: The kiss was all about the sensations and the joy; I can’t explain it.

Chomzy: But you enjoyed the kiss, and you kissed her back; thus, that means you like her, and she loves you too, being I can’t approve your request.


Eloswag and Chichi:

When asked to choose the female roommate that makes him feel most at home, Eloswag, or the Swag King, chose “Chichi” because he sees much of his mother in her. They had never been inside the house before.


Eloswag Education, Educational Background History:

Eloswag went to Pythagoras College in Lagos, Nigeria, for his education. He finished both elementary and secondary school and received his diplomas.

A graduate of Wisconsin International University College in Ghana, Eloka Paul Nwamu (called Eloswag) majored in Computer Science.


Eloswag Real Name:

The true name of Eloswag of Big Brother Naija (BBN) is Eloka Nwamu. Eloka Paul Nwamu is the complete form of his name.


Eloswag State of Origin, Home Town:

Where is Eloswag from? Eloswag is from Delta State, Nigeria.


Eloswag Tribe:

If you were to ask someone from the Eloswag tribe, “What tribe is Eloswag?” In terms of ethnicity, Eloswag belongs to the Delta Igbo group.


Eloswag Date of Birth, Birthday, Age:

Eloswag Eloswag’s birthday is June 24, 1994, and he is now 27 years old


Eloswag Age:

How old is Eloswag? Eloswag is 27 years old as of 2022. Eloswag celebrated his 27th birthday on 24th June 2022.


Eloswag Height:

How tall is Eloswag? Eloswag is 5″7 Feet tall.

BBNaija Eloswag's biography: age, state of origin, socials - Legit.ng

Eloswag Hairstyles, Haircut:

Eloswag is known for his array of trendy hairdos, including dreadlocks, braids, an afro, and more.


Eloswag Sexuality, Sexual Orientation:

Is Eloswag Gay, Bisexual or Straight? Eloswag is not homosexual; he is heterosexual.


Eloswag Religion:

Is Eloswag a Muslim or Christian? Eloswag was raised in a Christian household..


Eloswag Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings:

A native of Delta State, Eloswag was born to Mr. and Mrs. Nwamu. It’s safe to say that Eloswag comes from a respectable middle-class background. There are brothers and sisters of his siblings’. He places a high value on his family.


Eloswag Mother:

Eloswag Eloswag and his mother, Mrs. Nwamu, have a tight relationship. They were partners in a cashew trade.


Eloswag Marriage:

Is Eloswag married? Eloswag has not tied the knot just yet. As far as we know, he is not involved with anybody.


Eloswag Wife:

Who is Eloswag’s wife, name? Currently, Eloswag is available and single; thus, he hasn’t settled down with a partner.


Eloswag Girlfriend, Name, Pictures:

Who is Eloswag’s Girlfriend? Chomzy is one of the resident Eloswag Girlfriends. Despite his kiss for Phyna, he doesn’t take their relationship seriously.

According to Eloswag, falling in love takes time and effort.


Eloswag Relationship, Dating:

Is Eloswag in a relationship? It’s safe to say that Eloswag is not currently involved in any committed relationships. While at the BBN house, he has been hanging out with Chomzy.


Eloswag Engaged, Fianceé, Engagement:

Is Eloswag a married man? Incorrect: Eloswag has not found a fiancee.


Are there any children or a kid in Eloswag’s life?

It’s true that Eloswag already has a kid and a baby mom. Eloswag told Chomzy that he was a father, but he didn’t share the name of his son or daughter.


5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ELOKA aka Eloswag By Victoria Godwin

Even though he has been the topic of many conversations today, few of his friends and the people helping promote his campaign know him very well.

Beyond Season 7, I’d be happy to introduce you to a new aspect of Eloswag.


  • Eloswag has the highest level of dependability of anybody I’ve ever encountered.

Even if I called him at midnight for no other reason than to chat, he’d make me laugh. And since we worked in the same office, I knew I could trust him to do a good job when I handed him a project.


  • If you need help, Eloswag is your man. He either sold it or knew someone who did if there was anything I needed.


  • The moment Elo enters a room, the atmosphere is instantly elevated; he is either the source of everyone’s laughter or the mastermind behind the day’s greatest mischief. Also, “we’re on the same page.”


  • when I was ill a few months ago, he contacted me every day to see how I was doing and continued to send me messages on WhatsApp even when I didn’t answer.



  • I like to think of myself as an entrepreneur, but Eloswag is a dancer, singer, DJ, copywriter, YouTuber, and digital marketer, and he sells some pretty sick kicks.

To summarize this letter, Eloswag is the kind of friend everyone needs… I’ve learned that the kid plans out his every action carefully.


Eloswag Net Worth:

How much is Eloswag Net Worth? In 2022, Eloswag will have a net worth of almost $70,000.


Eloswag Net Worth in Naira:

A conservative estimate puts Eloswag’s wealth at N42 million in 2022.


Eloswag House and Cars:

Eloswag lives in a comfortable home with his family in Lagos and owns a vehicle.


Eloswag Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp:

Eloswag phone Number for bookings: +2348143607350, +233547821519.

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