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Elizabeth Huberdeau is a real estate manager, but who is probably better known for being the ex-wife of John Cena, the legendary wrestler, rapper, and the character of numerous memes

If you haven’t heard about Elizabeth Huberdeau before, you are definitely not a WWE or a John Cena fan. Her name features in almost every article about Cena’s personal life, because they were married from 2009 to 2012 and gave to the public-eye an interesting story of a teenage love that became an apparently happy marriage. Actually, this is the only thing Elizabeth is publicly known for. She was constantly in the media spotlight after marrying the superstar, and as one of the many persons who became popular due to a relationship with someone already well-known, she figuratively died when the couple divorced. Stay with us in order to find out what she has been doing lately, what keeps her busy now.

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Early life and studies

Liz Cena, nee Huberdeau, was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts on the 29th of November 1979. Little information is known about her childhood and family, but the sure fact is that she attended general and high school in her home state. As we do not know which school she went to, we assume that she met her future husband in one of the two institutions he was in. Therefore, the first contact the two lovebirds had should be either Central Catholic High School in Lawrence or the Cushing Academy in Ashburnham.

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For further studies, Elizabeth chose Springfield College, preparing herself for a career in the real estate business. However, her first and biggest dream was to become a model. Before her marriage she had a few modeling projects, but she didn’t receive much recognition. It looked like her slim body shape and her pretty face weren’t enough for her to get to the top of that industry.

From young lovers to spouses

Even though her story started in their teenage years, nobody actually heard about Elizabeth until John officially announced the engagement. Actually, it wasn’t a formal type of announcement, as he just mentioned it during a promotion of his movie “12 Rounds” – ‘I’m gonna get married this year’, casually said he in an interview, and the internet burst, spilling more and more details about their relationship.

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Only five months after the interview, they were exchanging vows in Boston Massachusetts, at their private wedding ceremony on the 11th of July 2009 and henceforth they seemed to be inseparable. She gave up her modeling dreams, and supported John in his wrestling and acting career. They apparently enjoyed each other’s company, but didn’t have children, reportedly because he claimed not to be ready to become a father.

Did their love last only three years?

We can’t know what happened to the love between them, but what is sure is that their marriage lasted only three years, when in May 2012, John initiated procedures for divorce. When asked about the reasons for the separation, he invoked the fact that they were no longer getting along well, the strife didn’t end and the atmosphere in the house was tensioned. Talking about the house, other statements mentioned that a disagreement about some redecorating details was the last straw of the story. Moreover, sources related to Liz say that John didn’t follow the agreement with some contractors who worked in their house, and didn’t pay them.



Later, rumors about John’s infidelity appeared. Taking advantage of the possibility that he had been cheating on her with co-wrestler Nikki Bella, Elizabeth challenged the prenuptial agreement. They went on trial and it looked like a major scandal was going to develop, but the legal procedure was finished quickly, and they resolved the problem amicably. The final agreement between them wasn’t made public, but it is said that she has added a significant amount of money to her net worth after the divorce.

How does life after celebrity looks like?

After the divorce, Elizabeth was no longer in the public eye. Moreover, she doesn’t share anything from her personal or professional life on social platforms, as a public profile of her can’t be found on any of the popular sites. However, settling herself in Florida, she is focused on her career as a successful real estate broker, and manager of her own company. According to reports, her salary as a real estate agent is relatively high, and she can therefore afford to live an almost luxurious lifestyle.

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Apparently, she is doing well in her personal life, too. Photos with her and her boyfriend, Eli Ayoub, appeared recently on the Internet, and she looks like she is really enjoying the company of her partner. On the other hand, John Cena has recently broken up with his ex-fiancée Nikki Bella, whom he started dating four months after the divorce. Many said that they would marry soon, but a tweet from Cena’s profile changed it all: ‘Happiness is achieved by living your life, your way. Others may not agree with your actions or choices, remember it’s YOUR life, not theirs. Go forth, live, be happy.’ This can be taken as officially announcing their break-up.

After all this, Elizabeth is seen as an example of a strong and independent woman who knew how to overcome the obstacles in her life. The fact that she practically began a new and totally different life after her divorce makes one feel even more appreciation of her, don’t you agree?

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