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On December 6, 1958, Debbie Rowe was born in the state of Washington. Rowe is her father Gordon Rowe’s and her mother Barbara Chilcutt’s daughter. Gordon, her mother, and her father went through with a divorce just a few weeks before Gordon’s second birthday.

Her mother, a handful of her aunts, and her maternal grandmother were the only adults involved in her upbringing. After Rowe converted to Judaism in 1982, he married Richard Edelman for the first time. This was Rowe’s first marriage. 1988 was a year that occurred a few years following their separation.

Debbie Rowe’s Career

Rowe first came into contact with Jackson when the latter was undergoing treatment for vitiligo. In 1996, she discovered that she was pregnant, and the following year, the couple tied the knot in Sydney, Australia.

1997 marked the year when she gave birth to Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. In the following year, she became a mother for the first time, welcoming Paris Jackson into the world in Beverly Hills, California.

Rowe has presented herself in interviews as a reserved and quiet person who does not frequently grant interview requests. In 1999, Rowe and Jackson finalized their divorce, and Rowe turned over full custody of their children to Jackson.

In 2001, she approached a private judge with a request to have her parental rights terminated with regard to the two children. After being found guilty of 10 counts of child abuse, in 2004 Michael Jackson submitted a motion to the court requesting that the verdict be overturned.

She received $1.3 million in return for the sale of her Beverly Hills home the following year, which she used to purchase a ranch in the Palmdale area. A few years later, she initiated legal action against Jackson by filing a complaint, in which she demanded two payments totaling $195,000 and $50,000 in order to move through with the child custody issue.

Debbie Rowe’s Net Worth

Debbie Rowe is said to have a net worth of approximately $25 million, as stated by the website celebritynetworth.com. In November of 2004, Debbie sold the Beverly Hills property that she had obtained from Jackson as part of the divorce settlement between the two of them for $1.5 million.

During the same month, she made a purchase in Palmdale, California, that was more than 2 acres and cost her $439,000. Debbie, who is a horse enthusiast, owns a property in Palmdale that is suitable for equestrian activities.

Debbie Rowe’s Relationship with Michael Jackson

Following his mother’s recommendation, Jackson wed Rowe in late 1996 in the city of Sydney, in the country of Australia. The majority of responses from the media to the marriage were unfavorable, with many expressing skepticism about the authenticity of the couple’s devotion for one another.

Rowe and Jackson welcomed their first child together in February of 1997, a son they named Michael Jr., who later became known as Prince. Following that, Jackson transported the child to his Neverland Ranch home. Six weeks after the kid was born, Rowe, Jackson, and Prince all met up at a hotel for a picture session. Rowe took the photos.

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She decided to leave after that in order to prevent herself from developing an unhealthy attachment to the child she had delivered for Jackson. In place of Rowe’s motherly presence at Neverland, Prince was cared for by a team of nannies and nurses who worked there. In April of 1998, Rowe and Jackson had their daughter, Paris, who was also Jackson’s second child.

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