Chizzy Alichi and Destiny Etiko comparison of backside

Recently fans of Destiny Etiko and Chizzy Alichi have been comparing the two actresses in terms of who has the biggest backside.

The two actresses is known for their massive backsides on Nollywood films. The two actresses really have it but the question is,who has the biggest?

Destiny Etiko is a popular Nigerian actress who happens to be the most talked about Nollywood actress right now in Nigeria.

Destiny Etiko has featured in many Nollywood movies which means she is also rich.For the past two years now,the face of the actress has been all over Nollywood movies.

The actres happens to be endowed with a good body structure.

Let’s take a look at some of Destiny Etiko’s Picture.

On the other hand comes Chizzy Alichi who has been in the Nigerian movie industry for over 10 years. She has starred in over 150 films. She has also been awarded and recognized on several occasions for her excellence and zelience.

She has a lot of fans and admirers. Her ability to interpret any movie role assigned to her shows uniqueness and talent

Chizzy Alichi is happily married.

Check out her photos…


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