Amazing things you never knew you could do with Google Drive


Google Launched Google Drive on the 24th of April 2012, Its launching began a new generation of online cloud storage and synchronization, This is done and giving its users the privilege to store up to 15GB of their data and files in the cloud, and also allowing sharing of such files, editing documents such as spreadsheets and presentations.

Due to this Google who able to gather about more than a million active users using the platform. In addition to this, all google services are highly secured and free from any malicious attack so your files are stored in their cloud.
Google Drive is online cloud storage, it is the file storage portion of google Apps.

At times it normally gets mixed up with Google Docs. However Google Drive’s function is identical to that of Dropbox, But Google drive has more Functionality than all its counterparts. There are a lot of things that can be done using Google Drive, It has a massive search engine that changes how people get in touch with their files, well let’s dive through what you could use with the platform.

Sharing files between users in the organization

Before the advent of Google Drive, users have been sharing their files over a network, since the development of networked computing, so invariably, there is nothing new about this, But having known that all your files and important documents can be stored on the cloud, it can also be shared instantly to people, once these files are been shared, people who you share it with, will be notified.

Google also allows users to share files, with users in other companies, without having them switch to a VPN or doing very complicated tasks, before accessing the files being sent. while doing this, users can gain entry into a google drive account, while making use of the email address used in sharing the files. as a result of this, they will have to log in. It should be strictly noted that an error or mismatch in the recipient’s email address can lead to sending the file to the wrong party.

Restricting documents from being shared outside your organization

Due to the dangers and hazards of sending files to email addresses that do not exist, and because companies are strictly concerned about their data leakage outside of their domain, Users can limit or restrict other users’ ability from sharing files out of theie domain.

Creating a Google Form

The majority of the surveys or forms you have filled out on the net might likely be from google forms. Google forms entail a set of fields on particular web pages that require the user to fill out. Users can ask questions, take a survey, open a text field e.t.c by just simply embedding the form on their web page, after this all the data inputted by the visitors would be accessible in Google sheet. With this feature, taking surveys, asking questions, collecting user information, has never been so seamless and cheap.

Ability to deal with large files easily

Google Drive gives users the privilege to share large files with other users, This user would be required to have a google account in other to access and receive the files, been sent, However Downloads are very fast with google drive, Faster than any other means of transferring and downloading files, presently Google Drive storage has a free amount of quota space up to 15GB.

The ability to show love by commenting on files

Google Drive also gives users the privilege to share files like media, photos, music, e.t.c, with their contacts, just as similar to Google Docs, These files been sent can be commented on, once a user comments on these files, the sender would be notified via their Gmail. the comment can also serve as a question and answer section on files.

The ability see through different files extension

In case you have heard. you could many other things with Google Drive, Google gives users the privilege to store and view any that of files hosted on their cloud. These files are files such as Mp3, MP4, PDF, DOCX, ZIP, e.t.c.

Using Starred items to get to important things

Using Google chrome you can keep hold of your favorite site by bookmarking it, while in Google drive, you can also do such, by bookmarking your files, so you won’t be searching from folders to folders before you could access them again. In Google Drive you bookmark these files by starring them, Starred files can be viewed with just a click, also can be sorted in any form of order.

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